Fortum and Neste Foundation


The Foundation’s purpose is to support research, education and development in natural, technical and economical sciences within the energy industry. The Foundation’s focus areas within the energy industry are energy production and use, as well as clean energy solutions for traffic.

To fulfil its purpose, the Foundation can award grants, honorary awards or other such financial means to economically support actions relating to meeting its objective, and carry out communications and publication activities. Multi-annual grant may also be accepted as a fixed-sum commitment for clearly-defined purposes.

Application to the Energy Policy Research Group (EPRG), University of Cambridge

EPRG – Fortum and Neste Foundation grant shall be awarded to one person who shall be either a doctoral researcher or  PhD. The work should be within focus areas of Fortum and Neste Foundation and also be interesting for EPRG. The maximum grant sum is EUR 30 000 and it is awarded for 12 months. The grant will be paid monthly. EPRG and Fortum and Neste Foundation will do a joint decision on the fellowship award. For more information about EPRG and its research activities please visit: EPRG’s visiting requirements can be found: